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My Goals In Becoming A Doctor

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My grandmother was in the kitchen when out of nowhere I heard a loud thump followed by the sound of pans falling on the floor. When I ran over to see what had happened, I found her collapsed on the floor. She was whimpering out of pain. I gently supported her head with my hand. When she turned her head I saw blood dripping down. I was both speechless and scared. It took me a second before realizing that I had to call 911.
Our family was one of the few people still left in the once crowded waiting area at the hospital. Out of the two “Emergency Medicine” glass doors, the doctor emerged and began to walk towards us. She was wearing her white coat over a turtleneck sweater. She reassured my ...view middle of the document...

I saw first hand the genuine appreciation that people will have for someone who is there to help them get better. I believe that a medical education can enable me to be able to help people in an endless different ways.
While I fully expect that going to medical school in a new country will be a robust test of character, it is one that I believe can be matched by a strong will and determination, particularly through working with my classmates. Knowing that you don’t have to tackle an issue alone motivates you to move as a unit with your classmates, and their achievements will motivate and push you forward. Amenities like having nice restaurants, AC when you sleep, or things that we’re used to at home are nice, but with so many things to do for medical school I doubt that you would even notice if they’re not there.
One of the most important values that a doctor must possess is putting the needs of others ahead of their own. Altruism is a quality that is highly respectable, however it’s not attained easily. The power and the knowledge of healing is one that is bestowed...

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