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My God Is Better Than Yours: The Hypocrisy Of Religion

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Faith is hope and confidence in a belief, person or object. Initially, people were so impassioned by their faith in their beliefs, that they felt the need to share their ideas with others. People began discussing and interpreting ideas, thus, adopting their own beliefs to form their own personal faith. Then along came religion; self-proclaimed “Holy Men” recorded and standardized faith. Beliefs are a matter of opinion; there are no right or wrong answers. However, once we decided to organize faith into religion, we solidified the beliefs and designated how people should react to those beliefs. By establishing a religious dogma, religion left less and less to self-interpretation, causing faith to become less about spirituality and finding inner peace, and more as a rulebook on how to win the game of life. In When She Woke, by Hillary Jordan, the protagonist, Hannah Payne, has her faith transformed through her experiences as a Red. As she begins to question her religion and its hypocrisy, Hannah develops a newfound faith in herself and humanity as she begins to think for herself for the first time.
Saying one thing and doing another, religion is hypocrisy at its finest; at least politicians know they are scum. Many religious people love to tell others how to live their lives, yet fall short of living up to their own examples and expectations. Religion was supposed to teach us forgiveness and understanding, but for some reason many have taken on Saint Peter’s job themselves, as though their religion endows them with the divine right to pass judgment upon others. Many do not stop to consider another’s situation or perspective until faced with a similar predicament, as in the case of Hannah who, prior to her chroming, never could justify taking another life, or any other crime for that matter. It is until one is faced with hardship, that one realizes how easy it can be to lose one’s morals out of desperation. For some reason, that doesn’t seem to stop some people from continuing to look down upon others from their holy pedestal.
In When She Woke, the biggest hypocrites are the ones who profess their religion; as though voting for Jesus— sorry, the Trinity Party, exempts them from any personal level of integrity or morals. Hannah’s brother-in-law, Cole, is part of a self-righteous, religious activist group known as the Fist of Christ; the Fist believes killing is wrong, so acting as the hands of God, rectifies the situation by killing Chromes. Hannah’s own sister, Becca, who for all intents and purposes is a model Christian, cleans the blood from her husband’s shirts, and never questions where it comes from, or more importantly, what kind of man she has married. Mrs. Henley, wife of Reverend Henley and an overseer of The Straight Path Center, forces girls to relive their darkest, most intimate moments in her torturous teatime therapy sessions, yet pretends to be a kind-hearted woman of God. The biggest hypocrite of all is Hannah’s lover Aidan who, as...

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