My Gospel Paper Intro. Christianity

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This semester I have learned that not everyone sees Jesus in the same way as I do. Some seen him as just a regular person like you and I. Others saw him as not even a human at all. I learned that Jesus was always going to be there for you and I regardless of the situation it is that you are in. Jesus will have your back and forgive you when you have done wrong, as long as you ask him for forgiveness. I learned more about Jesus and the gospel in this one semester than I knew my whole life. I went to church but I never really knew about Jesus like everyone else did. But what I did know about Jesus was that he was the son of God and the one sent to us by God. What I did not know is that Jesus Christ means anointed one. I also did not know much about Jesus, I just knew of him and believed in him because my family did. In my opinion Jesus is someone who will not give up on you. He is someone who will always believe in you, even when you do not believe in yourself. I also believe that...

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7053 words - 28 pages God through His Son, Jesus Christ and finally see Jesus' Glorification and salvation made possible. The preceding paragraphs are the conclusions, from which have been drawn from the authors used to construct the paper, to form my own opinion for the function of the "sign".John uses Mary in the wedding at Cana to primarily show the symbolism and parallel to Jesus' resurrection and Him giving us His mother in which she symbolizes the Church. Just

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983 words - 4 pages excited and said, ‘Lord, not my feet only but also my hands and my head!’ This shows that Peter really wanted to be apart of Jesus’ ministry. At the beginning of the gospel, however, Peter doesn’t choose to become a disciple of Jesus he is brought by his brother Andrew and doesn’t express faith until later in the gospel. During chapter 6, Jesus asks the twelve disciples a question, ‘Do you wish to go away?’, but Peter

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638 words - 3 pages In our current climate there is a rush to defend and define what it means to be Christian. These 4 theses are meant to encapsulate the key presuppositions of my alternative to what is currently the dominant methodology of spreading the Gospel embraced by Evangelical Christians. The case I am attempting to make is that Christian evangelism is most effective when non-Christians are given the opportunity to judge the Christian message according

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1205 words - 5 pages of Jesus wins over them all (220). Christianity makes the most sense when looking throughout history. We were made to center our lives around God (228), because nothing makes us more miserable then self-absorption. But when we take a step back and realize that Jesus died for us, there is so much more to Christianity. The purpose of our Christian life is to make the world right, to renew the creation. It is to bring justice and peace to our sinful world. On my honor I did not receive nor give improper assistance in the completion of this paper.

Study on Psychology and Christianity - Reflection

2245 words - 9 pages Schaeffer, Worthington and, Myers whom present a chance for both psychology working together with Christianity. I will be showing in this perspective paper that psychology is used by God and God being the Sovereign one reigning over this tool given to man. Psychological studies prove that there is an intelligent design. For example, one of the most influential and powerful emotion that God gave us is love. “Psychologist Robert Sternberg has described

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1820 words - 8 pages similarities and the causes for unfamiliarity between the two religions is my paramount goal within the parameters of this paper. Analysis of Similarities Islam and Christianity share a fundamental connection in terms of historical narrative and tradition. These two creeds are considered Abrahamic religions, meaning that they are both monotheistic faiths with Middle Eastern/West Asian origins, the apogee of which is their recognition of Abraham’s

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2730 words - 11 pages The debate of the destiny of the unevangelized is an issue that both Calvinist and Arminian continue to study. They attempt to answer questions similar to, “what about those who have never heard the gospel?” “Will they be judged simply for living in some faraway place where no missionaries have been?” “What about the people who lived before the time of Christ?” These questions are based on the exclusive claim of Christianity that Jesus is the

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728 words - 3 pages he was martyred. The Gospel Scripture of Mark was possibly scripted out in Rome for a primarily Gentile society, explicitly, Peter was authorising for Christians without a Jewish background. The author Mathew is a Jewish transferrable to Christianity. Mathew’s audience were mainly resettlements to Christianity from Judaism writing for a Gentile community. Luke is probably a Syrian of Antioch, The author Luke is a scripture is for Gentiles. The

Saltarelli Edited Draft

657 words - 3 pages grow as it expands to unreached people in other countries. Furthermore, although education in Vietnam is mandatory it appears as though the study of Christianity is not required. In my opinion the Pioneer mission organization, the LaGrande’s and other missionaries have hard work ahead of them as they spread the Gospel to the people of Vietnam. Hopefully, with the help of the Pioneers, the people of Vietnam will come to realize that God is the one and only true God and that Jesus Christ died on the cross for all of their sins.

Las Casas and Authority: Rulers, Church, and Freedom

1855 words - 7 pages Bartolomé de Las Casas presents, for its time, an astounding claim human equality before God. Defending the native people of the New World from the violence executed by Spain and the claims to authority given voice by Juan Ginés de Sepúlveda, Las Casas provides a precocious assertion of human rights and the limits on civil and church authority. In this paper I will argue that Las Casas makes a nuanced assessment of civil government, to which

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814 words - 3 pages religions have their roots in Judaism; a monotheist religion which greatly influenced not only Islam and Christianity but also other religions of the world (“The Koran, the Torah and the Gospel”).* 1.2 Beliefs Among other beliefs, both religions inherently believe in the existence of one true God (King James BibleIs. 4.46; Al-Quran Surah 5:76).Moreover, Christians and Muslims believe that good deeds on earth will lead one to heaven or paradise

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859 words - 4 pages because of the cross of Christ and the command and the coming of him. The missionaries that I "Missionary Interview."ed said that it’s dangerous being a missionary. For instance if you're in a muslim country trying to spread the gospel you can be killed, or in other countries where you can go days without food. God’s call to missions is evident in South Africa with Multi Ministries. Nevertheless South Africa’s primary religion is Christianity

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3296 words - 13 pages ). Gospel music helped slaves escape to freedom and paved the way for other styles of music. It promotes a spirit of hope and provided an outlet to worship God. So how exactly has Gospel music impacted today’s society? Music has been relevant in Christianity since its beginnings. Some of the first music was written in Latin and they were called Hymns. “Hymn is a song of praise” (Van Camp) and were sung only by catholic churches. When Martin

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1211 words - 5 pages and conflicts within the global spreading of Christianity. After this, Robert shows that the world of missions is significantly influenced by the political and sociocultural world. The postscript demonstrates the true meaning of missions in a global, postcolonial age through the telling of the gospel message. This paper points out Dana L Robert’s most important arguments in order to answer the question of how Christianity became a world religion