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My Graduation Ceremony Essay

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My Graduation Ceremony
Since more Chinese students tend to come to study aboard in America, the western mode of education is widely spread in China. The graduation ceremony is one of the most important elements of western education mode. For example, baccalaureate gown and the speech of headmaster are signals of western graduation ceremony. In china, Chinese students are hardly to have a formal graduation ceremony. Especially, in the high school and middle school, students don't have graduation ceremony normally. However, I had a good graduation ceremony when I graduated from high school, because I went to study in the international department which is for students who want to study aboard. ...view middle of the document...

The headmaster will wear a yellow baccalaureate gown and graduate students will wear black baccalaureate gown. If people graduate from graduate students or PHD, they also will wear different colors of baccalaureate gown which represents the level of studying. Secondly, there are tassels in the hat of baccalaureate gown. Students have to put tassels in the right of hat. In the ceremony, headmaster will come to you and put the tassels in the left of hat which means you graduate and also will give you the graduation certificate. After studying the basic manners of graduation ceremony, the preparation is almost finished, and I was exciting because this is my first time to be a part of formal graduation ceremony.
On the day of graduation ceremony, we were asked to come earlier to get the baccalaureate gown first, and then teacher would tell us the steps of ceremony, because there was a reporter to record our graduation ceremony. Firstly, we would sit below the platform in a classroom, and teacher would come to platform to introduce the main person who came to the ceremony, and asked headmaster came to platform to have a speech. After that, I and my classmates would be invited by headmaster and came to platform to get the graduation certificate. One of my classmates also was chosen to have a small speech to talk about her thoughts about graduation. Then, our advisor would come and give flower to each of us and congratulated us for graduation. In addition, one parent of us also will be invited to come to platform to have a small speech to talk about how western education change us and how it helped us to get higher skills of English than normal Chinese high school students. There were the all steps of ceremony. However, there is an accident happened in our ceremony which also made us embarrassed for a while.
The graduation ceremony was planned to begin at 3:00pm. However, our diploma had...

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