My Grandfather: The Story Of A Cab Driver

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My Grandfather, now 74, is a retired cab driver after around forty sum odd years on that specific job. At the beginning, he was just another Mexican immigrant wandering around towns aimlessly searching for a job. He hadn’t lived in El Paso until about thirty-five years ago when he had my mother in this town and my Uncles in other towns. His three children my Uncles Raul, Joe, and his daughter Brenda (, my mother,) continue his name through their children or his grandchildren. I sat there in his living room eating burritos for lunch as he had agreed to meet with me at his house around two o'clock in the afternoon. His house is a mobile home which resides near Concordia cemetery in a mobile home park. I had already planned on what I would be asking him generally ahead of time so that I could get all the information I needed before I met him at his house.
I began by asking him what kind of culture he was mixed into while he was a cab driver. He told me there wasn't a lot of different cultures clashing at his job because everyone was either Mexican or Anglo-Saxon. Other cabby drivers were like him, illegal, trying to obtain there U.S passport to be legit immigrants. He told me that his friends consisted of mostly other Hispanics because they had his sense of humor. When I asked him where he was sent to drive he told me that his day or shift began with him waiting for someone to hail him at the airport and once someone caught his attention, they would have him go from the airport to anywhere in the city including portions of downtown up to the west side. After telling me of where he would drive, I then asked him of what kind of decor he placed in his cab and he told me that he would have a picture of the virgin of Guadeloupe on his dash board but no pictures of his family. He told me that he would have no picture of his family because for no reason he had the fear that someone would randomly steal the photos with malicious intent even though no such event happened to him. When I then asked him about how he interacted with his fellow co-workers, he told me that after work they would go to Mexico to drink. Considering that there were was hardly any meaningful security they could pass through the border drunk without consequence. Something that he told me that I felt was really interesting was that when one of his friends or him needed extra money that week, they would let the one that needed the money get a customer first before all others in their group. I also asked him about what kind of people he was forced to intertwine with and he responded by saying he actually never took notice of the people that he drove across town except for the few people that made themselves memorable in his mind. For example, there was one person dressed like a business person whom had left a package full of cash on the back seat of his orange taxi car, according to his account of that event. There was also another person whom had vomited on the cushions of his taxi...

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