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My Grandma's Amazing Story Essay

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As I nervously sat in the corner of the emergency room awaiting the doctor’s decision, I could feel my heart pounding rapidly. It felt like an explosive ticking down to zero. Fear began to take over my whole body and thoughts, and I became frightened. The thought of losing my grandma was like a dreadful nightmare. She was there for me whenever I needed here. Couldn’t the doctors find some super way of helping my grandma recover from her medical issues? Just then, Dr. Vittal, the chief surgeon, ran over to the bench where I and my cousin sat anxiously. He put his warm hands on my shoulders, and told me to stay stay strong and keep my hopes up. He told me that he planned to execute many ...view middle of the document...

This information motivated me to study and research her symptoms even further. After many hours of research, I learned some stunning information. Only about 18% of the people that go through this make it through. At the time I was only 8. This made me feel like a real doctor and I asked my dad if I could help in the operations. My dad looked down at me knowing this sad information and said that he wasn’t even sure if a highly qualified doctor could make my grandma come home. This made me feel even more terrible about the great deal of suffering my grandma was going through, but I was confident that Dr. Vittal’s superb skills would cure my grandma. Simultaneously, I began to develop a growing curiosity for medicine, science, and the real world.

Mostly everything seemed to be moving in a good direction regarding my grandma’s condition. One afternoon, when we came back from shopping at the market in India, she fell to the floor and was not talking. The next thing I knew, we were standing in the Emergency Room again with a trillion doctors at my grandma’s side....

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