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My Grandmother's Battle Essay

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In the summer of 1999, when I was 13 years old, my life changed forever. When my grandmother began to not act like herself. I knew something wasn't right when I asked her what was wrong, she began to explain that she felt exhausted, and she couldn't eat without becoming sick and losing whatever she ate. She couldn't sleep because the pain in her right shoulder and right arm made her very uncomfortable. The family thought nothing of the pain in her body, we just thought that she had worked too hard and pulled a muscle. She began going to the chiropractor for the pain, but that didn't work so he sent her to the hospital for blood tests and x-rays, the results were devastating; it was cancer.

        She had a lump on her back the size of a large egg. A couple days later she went to see an oncologist, who gave her many exhausting tests. She took pills for the pain and to stop the vomiting, she was a different person from then on. She would just lie around the house, never cooked, and did not want to do anything.

        She did not want to tell the family until the doctors knew exactly what was going to be the outcome of this sickness. The doctors told her that she had a rare cancer, and by rare I mean that muscle tumors very rarely turn into cancer, hers did.

        Because of this my grandmother went through extensive blood tests and chemo treatments. While going through this she experienced vomiting, headaches, and times that she could not get out of bed.

        Finally the doctors told her that this cancer could be put into remission for years; she was very happy, thankful for God, and modern technology.

        My grandmother finally told the family one night while we all sat in her big living room. Everyone was stunned, but we were all very supportive but still very scared. My grandmother and my entire family was scared that she was going to lose her arm because of the tumors. When they stopped the 6 terrible months of extensive treatments she was finally able to rest a little bit.

        She then had to go for x-rays of her legs, where they found more tumors, one in each of her legs. Because of this she had to start chemotherapy again, it was much worse this time. She lost weight very rapidly going from 110 lbs, when the physicians found the first tumor on her shoulder, to an unbelievable 90 lbs. She was cold all the time, mainly because she did not have enough fat content in her body to even try to insulate her. She was also dehydrating because she lost everything she ate. They tried several different medications to try to stop the vomiting but none of them worked.

        The sessions of chemotherapy continued to wear her body out. She refused to have surgery, for she believed, and still believes that the surgery would just make the cancer spread faster. This went on for two dreadfully long years. She told me that she had lost a sister and an older brother to cancer, and she was...

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