My Greatest Essay I Have Written. Its Totally About Cryogenics And Cryonics (Complete With Works Cited List And Documentation)

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Many people fear death so much that they wish they could be immortal. Well I have the answer for some. What could I possibly be talking about? Well I am talking about CRYOGENICS and CRYONICS. Cryogenics is very well known to treat all sorts of materials, making them stronger and more efficient. Cryonics may hold the key to being physically immortal. Now you may very well think that physical immortality is impossible but in fact it is.

Cryogenics gets its name from the Greek word "kryos" which means "ice cold",and "genes" meaning "being born of or generated". (Ask Dr. Freeze) It is a process of using Deep Cryogenics to strengthen and make materials more efficient. Deep Cryogenics is the ultra low temperature processing of materials to enhance their desirable metallurigical and structural properties. The ultra-low temperatures that are used in this process are -320ºF [-196ºC or 77ºK].(Cryogenics International) These amazingly cold temperatures do not occur directly on earth in natural conditions. Instead, they are achieved by using computer controls, an insulated chamber, and liquid nitrogen (Ln").
(Cryogenics International) To get liquid nitrogen, nitrogen is put through several steps. These steps are air separation, compression, and liquefaction. (Cryogenics International) Cryogenics, using those ultra-low temperatures, is used to improve die cast metals and
almost anything else to improve the strength and wear life of the material. This will show that if the steel used to make knives was cryogenically treated, it will be stronger
and won't wear down nearly as easily as it would have if not treated. Even after continuous use. Cryogenics was first discovered around the late 1800s and was discovered when scientists perfected a technique to compress and store gasses from the atmosphere into liquids. (My own knowledge)

Cryonics is another version of cryogenics and is used in terms of the human body. Cryonics is the process of using the ultra-low temperatures I mentioned before to prevent
people from dying when ordinary medicine will not work any longer (for example, leukemia sufferers). This step is taken to keep them alive until a cure for the illness is
found, and there is a way to reverse the cryonics process. (About Cryonics) As of now, there is no absolute way cryonics can be reversed, but scientists all over the world are trying to figure it out. (1st part, About Cryonics, 2nd part, my own knowledge) Even though many people are cryonically frozen, no one has been able to have been revived to this date. Cryonics patients are cared for in the expectation that future technology, especially molecular nanotechnology, will be available to reverse the cryonics process.(About Cryonics) I believe this process came into view when scientists around the 1820s wondered how the process of cryogenics would effect humans.

It may seem to some that cryonics patients are dead but this is not the case. Cryonics is mainly done at the...

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