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During the last year on the secondary school, usually in November, there is a very special party organized by the students, who are in the last grade, their parents and teachers. This party is called Green ribbon party, because the main event at the party is giving the students green ribbons, which are the symbol of hope and maturity. Although, all of the Green ribbon parties have a similar course, each of them is in some way exceptional. And our celebration of maturity was really unforgettable.

But organization of Green ribbon party was not as simple as we thought and there were many preparations connected with it. We had reserved a room in hotel Baronka, where our Green ribbon party took place almost year ago, otherwise it could be too late.

According to traditions, in the time of Green ribbon party students should send their friends and relatives special cards (maturity notices) to let them know, that they are going to finish their studies at the secondary school.

So at first we had to invite photographer, who made photos for our maturity notices. Then we had to design our maturity notice. As we were not able to agree on a one type, finally we had two types of maturity notice, so everybody could choose, which notice he wanted to send.

Another needed thing for festive events, such a Green ribbon party, is formal clothing. But the price of the robes is usually very high. I had decided to borrow some robe from a rental company, because I usually don't take part in celebrations like that, so it wouldn't be very worthwhile to buy such expensive robe only for one occasion. So two months before Green ribbon party I went with my mother to rental company to reserve some robe. Assortment of robes was great, so it was really problem to choose one. Finally I chose simple, light orange robe and immediately I found suitable sandals and matching accessories in the next shop.

A month before the Green ribbon party it was necessary to have ensured all services as a staff in hotel Baronka, DJ or cameraman. We met our cameraman a week before our Green ribbon party, because he wanted to record us in our typical school environment. He also recorded our class book, which had been sealed up and the door of our classroom, which had been decorated with a green ribbon.

The biggest problem, which we had to solve, was our programme. It was only one week to our Green ribbon party and we didn't know how to entertain our guests. Fortunately on Monday, four days before our great event, three of my classmates brought texts for scenes in our programme...

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