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My Growth As A Writer Essay

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Over the course of the second semester of my freshman campaign at Seton Hall my overall skills as a writer have been improved and more refined. The biggest difference I saw in my work since I arrived here was the maturity of my writing and the improved research and analysis skills that I first developed in high school. But as I look back on my work and myself as a writer I believe that the areas where I have grown the most is my creativity and my ability to use that creative thinking to formulate a unique thesis statement about a characters involvement in a story. I realized my creativity as a writer during the assignment where we had to choose a song and poem that shared the same “image” ...view middle of the document...

After reading and creatively thinking about Desdemona’s part in every characters story I came to a realization that her actions, knowingly and unknowingly, caused her to be a catalyst in every part of the play. Because of this I was able to write what I feel was my best piece of writing for the semester. When I completed my rough draft I was not confident in this piece at all and I honestly thought it was very subpar. I received a check minus for a grade and I knew there was a lot of work to be done on it if I wanted to get a decent grade. I read it over and over again just to get a good grasp of what needed to be changed and how I was going to change it. I added in some major ideas and supporting points as well as major fine-tuning throughout the essay, which made me feel a lot better about it. But being so used to reading this essay I couldn’t necessarily grasp the good parts that I had written so I wasn’t fully happy with the final outcome. When I received my final edition back and saw the grade that I got I was very surprised. I did not believe that this paper was deserving of an A- so I re-read it again for my own entertainment and this is when I saw how well I really did on it and how creative my writing was. In one part I made a creative inference that stemmed off an enormous part off the story and still strongly supported my thesis. “Othello does not forget this and human beings tend to see with their eyes what they believe to be true in their mind, right or wrong. Desdemona’s actions from now on start to become twisted in the mind of Othello because of what he has been told. Her love and honesty towards him leads to her getting put in a position to fail no matter how truthful her feelings and actions may...

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