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My Guide To Writing Success. Essay

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The rise of civilization and writing occurred simultaneously. When men discovered fire, at the same time he invented the alphabets, and so began the progression of civilization and literature of various kinds. From the dark ages to this day, great works of writing has been and is still being produced and published; it ranges from the great Shakespearian plays to children's favorite author Dr Seuss, but what is it that makes these writings a worldwide success? All good writings contain a logical, identifiable voice; it makes the reader believe one person is talking to another, the writing has a sense of audience; the writer makes contact with the reader and expects his or her needs, good writing uses detail; the reader is able to "see" what the writer is describing, it also has rhythm; it seems to flow effortlessly from beginning to end, it also has good content; nobody reads books they neither learn from nor enjoy and most of all good writings uses proper mechanics; the writer is obviously in control of spelling, punctuation, and usage.
Ernest Hemingway was a writer whose style was very different to that of most writers in his time. Instead of using overly descriptive writing, his stories were more of a "get to the point" style. Instead of using 5 pages to describe someone's appearance, Hemingway would get his point across in just a small amount of space. This style used by Hemingway, appealed to the majority because it enabled the reader to get the full effect of the story without reading strenuous chapter one after another. Another aspect of Hemingway's style was the connection he could make with reader through his use of atmosphere. When you would read a story written by Hemingway, you could feel like you were in the setting, seeing what the characters saw, and feeling as the characters felt.
Lacking confidence, experience and ability in writing and...

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