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Life is a struggle and sometimes, it’s difficult to get over a problem. Everyone has their hard time, so do I. I have been experiencing many failures, betrayals and fell down many times. However, I still manage to get up and go on. There’s one memory that has a huge impact on my thinking. It doesn’t last long, but surely a challenge for me. It’s when I lost myself and my goals...
Yes, I used to lose myself, but luckily, I could get rid of it in time. It happened about four months ago, when I was in the midterm of the first semester. As a student, it’s not easy to balance between play and study. To say the truth, I’m not a hard-working person and only care about entertainment, money and appearances. A few years before, when I was still in sencondary, I have been suffering from massive of pain, both in mental and physical ( Fights, Arguments, Cussing, Betrayals, Tricks, etc.) But none of them could make me lose myself. Until on October, I have a big argument ...view middle of the document...

Even though my new friends in this new school are much better and suit my personality, but I still got stressed out. I got sick of everything and only wanted to fooling around. I lost my track very fast and also lost my study skills. Education gets tougher with many homeworks and assignments, but I don’t care at all. All I did was playing and dreaming in class. I didn’t listen to any lesson at all. My grades were affected and went down, teachers tried to encourage me but I still can’t do it. I thought it was impossible to do my works. And I fell down again, just lay on the ground and barely get up.
A short time later, I got a disease and stayed at home for one week. I lost a big amount of time again, and that was when the final exams were coming up. I was shocked when I got back because assignments and tests were waiting for me. And I fell into despair much deeper. I just wanted to quit studying and go for a long journey. But it didn’t happen, miracle does not exist. I then have to go and seek for my friend’s advice since I was holding them too long. However, it didn’t work much, his advices were too mainstream and anyone could say that too. But I still have to thank him, he stayed by my side and protected me after all. I sat quitely for one hour and remembered those pasts. And just as I thought, no one could help me but me. My self-esteem is very high and I dared to pay back anyone who would harm it. I just can’t let people look down on me. So I stood up again and catched my goals back just in one hour. I continued my pathway and tried even harder than before, even though I only have about two weeks. My final results satisfied me and I achieved high grades in subjects that I dind’t think I would able to reach. However, because I took too much time on wandering around, so my total grades still went down too, while it could be much higher if I didn’t lose my mind for those meaningless times.
Finally, I wanted to say that life would be a waste if you don’t know who you are, where you’re at and what your goals are. Sometimes, people walked into your life and hurrily ran away, and that may cause you pain if that person is someone important to you. But in the end, you will still get over it and go on, because in your life, no one could stay with you forever, except yourself.

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