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Health is my number one priority. I try my very best to keep a healthy lifestyle. I often find myself eating fast food for lunch because I haven’t taken the time to prepare my own meal. Although at times it is very complicated to keep a healthy diet due to my very tight schedule, balancing school, work, family and even a boyfriend is time consuming. There are many things that affect my health, such as heredity, the environment, and available health care. However, I try my very best to be active and eat healthy. A healthy life is very important and if I don’t take care of myself well, it will result into a deeper conflict.
First of all, the genes in my family seem to be in good shape. I have not seen or heard of any signs of cancer or diseases passed down from my parents. They are very healthy individuals from the start, but I have observed that they are not taking care of themselves with the right nutrition and physical activity. This was also the reason why my grandma has developed diabetes recently. This does affect me in some way. It affected me in the way of realizing that I too am living like their lifestyle. It’s because I’m so busy with working on so many task that I don’t have the time to take care of myself. But I try my very best to get in as much physical activity I can such as taking the stairs or parking farther from campus so I can walk more. It is the same with nutrition. I have to wake up a little bit earlier to pack my own lunch and most likely it is a much healthier lunch than the fast food restaurants. So overall, the fact that my parents were born healthy does not mean they will be healthy forever and that goes the same for me. We just have to maintain a healthy lifestyle and that’s by taking good care of ourselves with good nutrition and physical activity.
Another effect on my health is the fact that we live in an environment that is very fast paced. We are so involved with getting things done in such a fast and convenient way. We, as Americans sacrifice so much time to get our tasks done, and we treat our bodies with fast and convenient food because we don’t have the...

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