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Each of us has a hero or someone we admire. I admire Mr. G. M. Banatwalla who is a well-respected politician in my home country, India. Three reasons I admire him are that he is very respectful, honest, and a strong inspiration to youngsters. I met Mr. Banatwalla through my father. He transformed not only my father's living style but his vision towards life and his objectives in life, too. Mr. G. M. Banatwalla is one of the ten top parliamentarians in India, who started his career as an English and Economics teacher. He is a powerful speaker who has a gift for motivating others. Many people, including myself, are fascinated by his immaculate sense of fashion and his posh living style which hastens our minds to think more like him. Even though he may be wealthy, Mr. Banatwalla is a very kind person who lives by his principles.
Mr. Banatwalla is highly respected and famous in Parliament because of his knowledge about the latest issues of the country and world, and his tangible sense of speech. He is capable of making people laugh with his sense of humor during his powerful speeches. He makes everything sound so blatant that sometimes you feel like laughing at yourselves. Once, he was giving a public speech about a bill in the Parliament about divorce. He moved people and created a laceration in their hearts by informing them about how divorce leaves its impact on innocent children and spoils their future and life. He explained how children, the future of the nation, get involved in tawdriness such as crime, drugs,...

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