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My Hero: My Dad Essay

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When an awe-inspiring person comes into your life, you can never really opine of how tremendously they will affect your life. I was born on November 11, 1992 into a loving family of a father, a mother, a brother, and a sister. I must have been so blessed. Some where along the line, however, our harmony was disrupted. My mother left my father to fend for both himself and me. During the divorce, my mother never even showed up to contend for at least some kind of custody of her newborn daughter. That was the day when the judge determined my father had full custody over his pink cheeked, vulnerable baby.

My dad was a high school graduate, nothing past that. He made the most of what he had for both himself and me though. My dad and I have went through boisterous situations where he was making a mere seven dollars an hour trying to provide for the both of us and paying our bills. Working only five days a week, this goal was very hard to uphold day to day. We would live on egg rolls and ramen noodles. Occassionally, we would splurge our few extra dollars on palatable Totino's Pizzas; cheese, not pepperoni. However, making the best of what we had seemed to be the most fun I had ever experienced in my entire life. Though i did not have the newfangled clothes that all my friends in school had, or the ability to join groups so promptly that cost money, I was very understanding and did not inquire for much. I saw on the Christmas's where I would have a total of seven presents under the tree, the look of shame that would surmount my father's features. So, when I opened my present, I would act like it was a brand new thoroughbread pony! The happiness that would re-enter his face was more than any present he could have ever gotten me. He always told me that he wanted a better life for me than he could supply, and wanted to be sure that I would have one when i was grown.

Not one person in my family has completed college, and only one has even enrolled. However, my dad tells me all the time that I am his little book worm and that I am going to grow up and be a brain surgeon. He tells me that I will make more money than I have ever dreamed of, and he would have a house right beside mine, but not a big...

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