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John F. Kennedy’s beginnings
These words said by a powerful president, who had helped this country not only be successful but a very strong country. John F. Kennedy said these words to tell Americans, you need to care for your country not just yourself. John F. Kennedy was not only a president but he was in the U.S. Navy, which I think means he has pride in his country and was willing to do anything he could do to make it a better place. In chronological order I will discuss John F. Kennedy’s life, his problems and struggles that made him a stronger man, and Kennedy’s accomplishments that helped change this country and the world.
John F. Kennedy’s life in chronological order
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In 1960 John F. Kennedy was elected the 35th president of the United States.
John F. Kennedy died on November 22nd 1963, in Dallas, Texas. He had flown to Dallas for a campaign appearance. He had been riding in a presidential convertible motorcade, with his wife and the governor of Texas. They had been riding through cheering crowds in downtown Dallas when he was assassinated and shot by Lee Harvey Oswald.
John F. Kennedy’s problems and struggles
John F. Kennedy had problems before and after he became president, such as having to deal with illnesses and surgery on the other hand having to deal with the Civil Rights Movement. John F. Kennedy had a lot on his plate.
One of his earliest struggles had to deal with Scarlet fever, a dangerous illness. Scarlet fever is an infectious bacterial dieses, causing a scarlet rash which is very contiguous. Kennedy also had surgery; he had surgery on his back to end his constant back pain. He also went through being diagnosed with Addison dieses: something that disordered his adrenal glands. In order to sustain this, he went through lots of medication.
John F. Kennedy had also had to deal with the Civil Rights Movement. He says it was a “moral crisis” for America! Kennedy struggled to handle the soviet influence. He struggled to change the south where whites controlled state governments. One of his biggest struggles was to give all Americans the same rights.
John F. Kennedy also struggled with the Bay of Pigs invasion. The failed Bay of Pigs invasion was an attempt to incite the popular rise against Fidel Castro. The failure made him appear weak and inexperienced, something you wouldn’t want to happen when your president.
John F. Kennedy’s accomplishments that made him a hero
John F. Kennedy had great accomplishments happen to him. In Kennedy’s earlier career he was elected to the United States House of representatives, for Massachusetts. Later he accomplished being elected to the United States Senate. In 1957 he won a Pulitzer Prize for his...

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