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My Hero

        My Hero is my favorite band which is Linkin Park. They are my favorite band because their music is not hardcore rock or hip-hop but a blend or mix of the two, they also give their music an electronic sound. Their band consists of six members a screaming rocker named Chester Bennington who is 25 years old and is one out of the two vocalists, Brad Delson is the guitarist who is 24 years old, Mike Shinoda is the second vocalist who is a rhyming/rapper who is also 24 years old, Joe Hahn who is the DJ and works on the turn- tables is 24 years old, Rob Bourdon is on the drums and is 24 years old and Phoenix is on the base and is 24 years old. The bands sound is difficult to classify, but easy to identify. The LA-based band combines Provoking rhymes and melodic vocals with neck snapping beats, vicious guitar riffs, and dizzying scratches. I have their first and only CD so far in their career that has become really known to people. The CD is called Hybrid Theory and this used to be the name of their band until they changed it to Linkin Park. They started their band in 1996 and have been playing ever since, and this is their first big break into the music world.

        One reason I like Linkin Park is because they use no profanity in their whole CD. The worst you hear is shut up, and most artists today like to use tons of profanity just to make them look cool and sell a lot of CD’s. Instead of using profanity Linkin Park try to get their points across in their songs in a different way.

        Another reason I...

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