My Hero, Princess Diana Of Wales

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Princess Diana of Wales
Once upon a time in a faraway land, there was a princess. Actually, she just lived in England. This princess helped others. She doesn’t need a prince to save her! Princess Diana was a hero because she helped the sick and the poor despite her own personal troubles. This paper will inform you on the early life, family, career, struggles, and contributions of Princess Diana’s life.
Life Story
Diana didn’t start out a princess but she was still fond of her childhood. Diana was born on July 1, 1961 in Norfolk England. She had many siblings including Cynthia, John, Charles, and Sarah. When she was six her parents, John Spencer and Frances Smith, divorced. Diana went to West Health Public school in Kent and after school worked as a nanny, a cook, and at a kindergarten. Childhood was a happy chapter of Diana’s life, “A lot of nice things happened to me when I was in nappies [diapers].” (Page 6.)
Diana, at age 19 got married to Prince Charles of Wales. Diana got married at St. Paul’s Cathedral with a beautiful dress made by David and Elizabeth Emanuel, two unpopular designers.3500 people were present as Princess Diana walked down the aisle and 750million people watched worldwide. Princess Diana stumbled only once in getting the order of her husband’s name right. There was quite some age difference and some doubted their love. Their marriage had its ups and downs. They had two kids, Harry and William, born September 15, 1984 and June 21, 1982. While in their marriage Charles spent a lot of time with another woman. Finally on August 28, 1996 they divorced. Diana said, “It was the saddest day of my life.” Even afterwards she continued to work with others.
After the divorce it was rumored that Princess Diana had found new love, a man named Dodi Fayed, but Sunday August 31 1997 was a day no one was ready for. Diana had been in Paris France with Fayed when something happened. There was a wreck, rumored to be an escape from the paparazzi or that the driver was on drugs or alcohol. Diana was rushed to the hospital but, “Despite closing this wound and two hours of cardiac massage… death occurred at 4 o’clock in the morning.” She now rests on an island on the Althorp estate.
Problems and Struggles
Although Princess Diana had a successful life there were still problems. Diana had post-natal depression. She was one of the few royals who openly showed tears. During her pregnancy...

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