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My Holiday To Europe Essay

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Last year my parents had been planning a trip to Europe. We left Melbourne and our journey took us to Doha, Qatar, from there we arrived in Rome and made our way to my Mums town. We then went to my Dads town and then to Sorrento. We went back to my Mums town to have my confirmation and to continue we went to Nice, France. From Nice was Paris, we took a train trip to Germany and then to Austria. We continued our way back to Italy staying in Venice, Florence and then to our last place…Rome.

Firstly, we left Melbourne to make our way to Doha, Qatar. I was very anxious and nervous before boarding our plane, but once we arrived in Doha there was a sigh of relief. We stayed at a special lounge ...view middle of the document...

To continue our holiday we left for Sorrento which is about 2 hours by train. We had to take a bus to our hotel and I couldn’t wait to jump in the pool! (it was summer). We went on tour to Capri and the “Amalfi Coast” which was…AMAZING, I loved it. After 3 days in Sorrento we went back to my Mum’s town to have my Confirmation. On the day of my Confirmation, I was nervous but I knew I had to do it. We drove about 1 hour to the church. We kept driving up mountains and once we finally arrived the view was spectacular! We spent the rest of the day having lunch with our family. With much sadness we left my mums village and family behind as l grew very fond of them all.

From Italy we made our way to Nice, France. Once we arrived (by plane) we went straight to our hotel. We had some trouble finding our hotel but we eventually found it and we dropped our things off then went walking to find a Restaurant. The next day we went to Monaco, Monte Carlo. I loved it so much, we walked along the famous Formula 1 racing track and visited the hotel where they filmed “Monte Carlo”. From Nice was Paris. Once we had arrived we went to our apartment and dropped our things off, then walked around for a bit. We realised that the “Louvre” was right around the corner to our apartment. Sadly the week that we were there went really fast but we enjoyed it.
Once our time was finished in Paris, we took a 6 hour train trip to Munich, Germany. We arrived late afternoon and by that stage we were all tired but that didn’t stop us from walking around. We dropped our things off at our hotel and walked around Munich. Whilst in Munich we took a train trip to Dachau, it’s where the concentration camp was. We had a tour and I found it really sad to see how the men suffered! The next day we took a train to Austria, we did the sound of music tour and I found it very interesting and I loved it. The next day was time for us to leave, we left in the morning and walked to the train station and...

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