My Holistic Approach To Teaching Reading

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My methodology of teaching reading would be the Holistic approach. This approach includes whole language and look & say. I like that the emphasis is placed on teaching reading, writing, listening, and oral language. Emphasizing these skills gets students to maximize their comprehension of text, identify relevant and non-relevant information, and tolerate less than word-by-word comprehension. In the classroom I would place more emphasis on learning than on teaching so by taking the whole language approach, the assessment is continuous and takes many forms: I would collect daily performance samples or work; observe and record children’s behavior; audio and videotape them in different situations; and have them build a portfolio filled with information about each student.
A holistic approach is based on the principle of perceiving meaningful wholes, utilizes the child’s immediate environment and experiences, encourages the integrative, cross-subject approach to the curriculum and seeks to cultivate reading with flow and comprehension from day 1, and teaches decoding skills through meaning text. The only problem with holistic approach is that it is a slower start with slower decoding speed of unknown or nonsense words and gives unchecked guessing. But I would make sure that these problems do not occur.
I like to say that children are decisions makers about how to use their skills they have learned in reading I can show them the path but encourage them to make the decision on how to use their knowledge. The skills that would be taught is when they would do read aloud, which helps with the students to perceive meaningful wholes and it helps the experience of what the students are hearing and learning. The students need to set the speed so decoding of words can take place and reading page for page with the students helps so there is no guessing. To accomplish this goal, I as the teacher need to focus on the process of reading rather than on its product. To develop students' awareness of the reading process and reading strategies I would ask students to think and talk about how what they read. When working with reading tasks in class, I would show students the strategies that will work best for the reading purpose and the type of text. I would teach them strategies that are used before, during, and after reading.
Before reading: decide in advance what to read for, decide if more linguistic or background knowledge is needed and determine whether to enter the text from the top down (attend to the overall meaning) or from the bottom up (focus on the words and phrases).During and after reading: Monitor comprehension, verify predictions and check for inaccurate guesses, decide what is and is not important to understand, reread to check comprehension and always ask for help.
After reading: Evaluate comprehension and overall progress in reading. I would also give them graphical organizers so they can put down...

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