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My Hopes And Plans Essay

660 words - 3 pages

What purpose do hopes and plans serve? Why do people define them? These are questions I have asked myself many times, and the writing of this essay has helped me answer them. Hopes and plans allow me to realize and put into words the direction I wish my life to go. This makes putting goals in place and taking steps to reach these goals much simpler. Many of these goals I share with most people, such as my goal to graduate high with a 3.75 GPA or higher. Other goals are somewhat less common, such as my goals to graduate debt-free or to pursue a Computer Science career.

In the realm of education, my current goal is to complete high school with a GPA over 3.75. Afterwards, I hope to attend a college with a good Computer Science related program. Another option would be to find a good online correspondence college and to earn my degree there. However, there is a third possibility, which is that of foregoing college entirely in favor of earning multiple Microsoft certifications and thereby proving proficiency in multiple skills useful for work in the field.

On the subject of work, I plan to have a job for the duration of my college studies, in the goal of graduating without debt. Upon graduation, my intention is to work at a software company for some time, in Programming, IT, or a similar field. During my time in the workforce, I hope to raise enough capital (for reference, capital is money available for the purpose of starting a company or investing) to start a small computer business when the corporate career begins to lose its appeal. With this business, I would be able to work from home and raise a family while earning a living to support them. However, I hope to have a sufficiently adaptable and flexible education and career, so if things do not go according to plan, I will be able to pursue a...

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