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My Horrible Experience Of Learning How To Ride A Bike

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I was only ten years old when I began learning how to ride a bike which wasn’t easy for me but got the hang of like any other person would. My family members were annoyed of me constantly asking for someone to teach me. I wanted my own bike just like my sisters and be able to ride along with them and not bother with their rude remarks of not being able to ride a bike. So my father decided to help me learn in front of my building in the summer until I was able to ride on my own. My father's reason for teaching was for us to spend more quality time together since he was always working. It took me three weeks to learn due to the small accident I had which help me learn a valuable lesson.
I was so tired of riding my red and silver scooter around thanks to my two older sisters Vanessa and Nora. Wherever we decided to go they always rode their bikes no matter how close or far we were going especially since it was summer time. They always found a way in getting me upset mostly when they enjoyed making fun of me just because they arrived before me or they had to wait for me to arrive. If my sisters had to wait they would yell or begin calling me unnecessary names. Since then that became a reason for me to learn learn how to ride a bike. Due to my constant nagging my father began teaching me by letting me use my sister Nora’s bike since it had brakes. Nora's bike was perfect for me but I hated the color for being a bright yellow. I wanted to learn how to ride with Vanessa's bike but my father said no since it had no breaks but it really wasn't a big problem for me because all I wanted was to learn how to ride.
In front of my building I started learning every Friday when my father arrived early from work and every Saturday through Sunday since he didn't work on the weekends. From time to time I thought it was going to be difficult for me since certain areas seemed tight to get through because of the benches and tables there. He explained to me how it would help me with steering the handlebars better and how to keep my balance when turning. My father bought me a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads for me to use which I found useless when he handed them to me of course like every child would do I threw it all to the side and said no thanks I don't need them. Boy was I wrong!
Even with all the falling the most difficult part of learning was how to deal with my father’s short temper. Around 2pm on a hot Friday he took me outside for my lessons to begin. Before arriving downstairs I got on the bike dad told me to make sure I was comfortable and able to reach the floor with my toes or feet flat on the ground. He had only one rule which was to never go down the small hill in front of the building because I would need to think fast and may get into an accident if I did I responded by saying “esta bien papa” meaning OK dad in Spanish since Spanish is our native language. Dad then grabbed the bike seat told me to pedal at a pace while he was holding the bike “just...

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