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AbstractThe purpose of choosing the salt water battery as my experiment was to determine the conductivity of water when salt was added to the solution. During the experiment I determined that when salt was added to the water, the voltage decreases slower every time more salt was added. To get these results a jar was filled with bottled water and was attached with one zinc coated nail and a copper coated wire to a voltmeter to measure the voltage. One tablespoon of salt was added to the solution and was stirred until it dissolved and the data displayed on the voltmeter was recorded. This process was completed 5 times until solution was dumped and the jar was rinsed out. It was discovered that when 1 tablespoon of salt was added to the solution the voltage decreases. It was also discovered that as the salt concentration increased, the voltage drops by a smaller amount each time one tablespoon of salt is added.Materials- Water (Bottled)- Mason Jar- Salt- Measuring Spoon- Zinc-coated Nail- Electrical Tape- Copper-coated wire- Red and Black volt meter wires- Alligator Clip- VoltmeterVariables- Temperature of water- Amount of salt added to solution- Amount of water- Type of water (tap water, bottled etc.)- Length of wiresObservations- The voltage measured higher the deeper the nail was dipped into the solution- It would take up to 30 seconds for the voltmeter to show a constant number- The warmer the water the lower the voltage is when salt is added to solution- The more salt that was in the solution, the less the voltage changed when more salt was added- The closer the nail and the wire were to each other inside the solution, the higher the voltageProcedure1. Plug the red and black wire into the voltmeter and turn the voltmeter on2. Attach the alligator clip to the end of the black wire.3. Attach copper wire to the end of the red wire.4. Get the mason jar and attach zinc coated nail with electrical tape to it so it dips inside the jar5. Attach the alligator clip to the zinc coated nail6. Tape the copper wire so it dips into the opposite side of the jar7. Get the bottle of water and pour it into the measuring cup until it reaches 300mL8. Pour this water into the mason jar.9. Write down the results you get by reading the...

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