My I Journey Essay

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Yael Diamond

Sun Showers

Dear Diary, (12:30 am November7)

� Finally!!!!! I'm on a real plane. It's so breathtaking. We just took off in a flash and it's better than I ever dreamed. Everything looks so teeny tiny. The cars look like toy cars for menchies. I'm in the window seat. I'm searching for a piece of gum in my mom's purse because my ears are killing me……… that feels much better.

Just to give you a taste of who I am I will describe myself. I'm beautiful, five feet four inches, middleweight, and dark brown hair with a dark complexion. I have brown eyes with gray contacts except for when I'm wearing orange glasses with a brown rimming. I am very bubbly, not at all shy, with a sweet and loving heart. I am 16 years old and traveling with my mom who is a bit older than 20 years old!!

What's taking me to Iran is�my mother's grandmother who is very sick. My mother hasn't seen her in twenty two years. My mom escaped at a very young age with her two brothers and since then she hasn't gone back. Even though she seems really upset about her grandmother, she's also very happy to go back to her hometown. She hasn't seen her sister Sarah ever since she was in diapers; now Sarah has a child of her own and is expecting. I heard she looks a lot like my mom, bubbly and gorgeous in her looks.

� �I'm really energized about this whole trip, and�I want to go touring with my mom's whole family. I want to go sightseeing all over the place. At last,�I will be able to see all those�things my mother has told me about ever since I was a little girl. It's going to�be sooo amazing. I can finally get a break from the housework and school. The words I usually hear when I'm around the house are, "Yael do this and�Yael do that". This winter break will be about enjoying myself and getting to appreciate my background culture. I'm going to be free, and�I won't have to work, just have fun, fun and more fun!!!!

� � �I want you to be with me on the whole trip.�I'm positive that you are going to be handy. We'll be good friends just like my other diary I just finished before I started this journey. That diary was all about all the hardships. I've gone through during school and at home. I hope that this diary will only be about good things I will do. I hope to enjoy my time with my mother, grandmother and her two married daughters that have gorgeous kids. Actually, my mother told me a few minutes ago I have a cousin that is my age and she's a really cute girl. I hope, I will get along fine with her. I really want to be close to her. Well, it's pretty late. Write to you tomorrow

Luv, yaeli belly

Dearest Diary (10:00am London time November 8)

I'm actually still on the plane. Thank god, I fell asleep right after I wrote to you last night. Yesterday was a hectic day, I had loads to pack. I have a full day ahead of me, my mother had this crazy idea...

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