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Before taking this course I have never thought about what company I would like to work for and how the culture in one company can be totally different from the culture in another. The course started and this project in particular started me thinking what I want from the company I would like to work for and what I am willing and able to give.
At this point in my life I don’t think the business of the company is very important and maybe my perspective will change with time but at the moment it is not important if I work for a company that is engaged with construction, trade, accounting or something else. It is important that in this company I can put in good use my knowledge and continue learning and developing and that the environment inspires me to do that. If I am practical I would say that the business of my dream company should be accounting or auditing because I have more practical knowledge in this spheres. My ideal company is stable and constantly striving for success but not at the expanse of the community’s welfare.
The employees are the heart of every company in my opinion and my dream company must be a place where they are perceived as the greatest asset by the owners. It is also a place where a healthy work environment dominates and where employees are encouraged to continue to self-improve. The owners of my dream company can expect loyalty from their employees and continues efforts to exceed their expectations.
In my dream company management will consider needs and interests of all connected in some way with the organization, not only those who have directly financial relations with the company’s profit. Managers will be good role models for their subordinates and good leaders. In my dream company managers actively listen to their subordinates and give them the freedom to solve problems and make decisions on their own. I want to work for a company, which creates open communication between employees and the management. For example, they can hold meeting in which employees can offer ideas and ask questions or have an open-door policy that encourages employees to speak honestly with their supervisors without fear of unwanted consequences.
I am a perfectionist in every aspect of my life including work and I want to work in a company where this will be appreciated and encouraged. This encouragement should be achieved not only with monetary rewards from the organization but also recognition for the hard work of the employee. My ideal company has to have a very comprehensive compensation package. I believe that those individuals that produce extra – ordinary results and are a role model for the other employees of company should be rewarded accordingly. These individuals are the most valuable assets of the company. To be more specific, my dream company’s benefits package will include essentials like health-care insurance, paid vacation and sick leave and retirement-saving plan, but also further professional development and education...

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