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My Idol In My Life Essay

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Prophet Muhammad S.A.W have said “Constantinople would fall into the hands of Islam. Leaders who conquer it, is the best of leaders and the troops under his command is the best of troops.” (Narrated by Ahmad bin Hanbal).The first warrior of Muslim has success to conquering Constantinople the great city. Who is the person? I’ll tell you. He is Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh. Today I am going to talk about “ The conquer of Constantinople”, The greatness of “ The conquer of Constantinople” and Last but not list what we can learn from this story.

Okay , let’s we explore about the conquer of Constantinople by first looking at history his life.

The conquer of Constantinople is Sultan ...view middle of the document...

He rules when he was 19 year old. And he rule for 30 year (1451 – 1481). He was a first warrior and army chief general that he lead by own 25 military campaigns
Now you understand the conquer of Constantinople. Let’s continue our exploration by the greatness of the conquer of Constantinople.
What Prophet Muhammmad uttered when the Battle of the Trench actually became reality on Tuesday,May 29, 1453.Before he conquer Constantinople. All a lot of Muslims army try to conquer the Constantinople. But they fail. The city is so invincible because the city has 4 layer of wall with the high of wall 25 feet and has their ditch in front of the wall. Step one that he take to conquer Constantinople. He was developing cannon that very largest and most powerful. These cannon can shoot a mile with a bullet between 300-1600 pounds per seed. These cannon can only be releasing 15 shots each day. Muslim army arrived to Constantinople with 150,000 armies. In addition to tank wall, a big barrier for Muslims to arrive City of Constantinople was the Bosporus Strait. Ships Muslim army could not attack because the Christians have installed metal chain across the strait. This strategy successfully turned back the Muslim army for quite some time too. Sultan Mohammed , aged 21 years and his army arrived at Constantinople on 19 April 1453. They showered the city with artillery fire for 48 days, but Constantinople still stands intact. The enemy was reinforced with the help of the Pope Purports 5 fleet. One night, He sends the troop to move the ship by the road. They attract new vessels and deployed in the strait. The next day, the Christian army was startled to see a total of 72 ships of war by the Muslims already in the channel and prepare to launch an attack. Constantinople is the main stronghold of Byzantine government . Byzantine government weakened and finally disintegrated after the city fell to Sultan Muhammad Al- Fateh . Sultan Muhammad changed the name of Constantinople to Islambol , meaning " Overall Islamic " . Islambol name was changed to "...

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