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My Impressions Of The Walk Of Fame

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Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard have one thing in common, stars. What is so special about the five corners in a copper frame and salmon colored with famous person’s name written in the middle embedded in the sidewalks? The iconic location portrays the American way of life, independence, individualism, and progress. It also reflects an economic statement on how the businesses use every single opportunity to make money out of it. People have come from all over the world to visit the historical landmark, creating an exciting atmosphere for first-comers but it has some downside at the Walk of Fame. What really happens in the political and socioeconomic issues of Hollywood being a public place?
When I visited the Walk of Fame, it was surrounded with many people, people shoving each other to see the stars, to get the pictures, children running around with their parents, people passing through the sidewalk and tourist destinations near the Grumman’s Chinese Theater. People were taking pictures with the stars in copper frame and salmon color with names engraved in the sidewalk. The atmosphere was inviting and people were excited with names being mentioned like Queen Latifah, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, and even a characterized celebrity like Mickey Mouse. The reason why people are so drawn to these names because they had a huge impact to the industry. There were people in costumes like the Minions, Jack Sparrow, Mickey Mouse, Spiderman, and more. Little kids in awe of seeing their favorite characters in person. People who are dressed up as their characters are there for tourists to take pictures with them in trade for money and they are part of the experience of Hollywood. They are there to entertain people.
I felt slightly uncomfortable being around too many people are coming up to me to promote their businesses or asking for money. I had to hold on to my brother’s hand the entire time I was there. As I was entering to the Walk of Fame, a music vendor stopped in front of me and handed me a CD. I kept saying I don’t want this, but he kept ignoring me, asking me where I was from. I was so frustrated and trying to give the CD back. Luckily, he had his fingers spread out so I decided to put the CD between his fingers and left. There’s an article written back in 2009, where costumed characters claimed attacks by music vendors on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. They had complained to the police and security guards but they didn't arrive on time of the attack. Many characters and music vendors asking for tips or donations has been a big turn off for visitors. That was part of the socioeconomic concern of the space. There were mini stands to promote their gift and souvenir businesses, characters asking for money in trade for pictures, homeless people walking around, and there were drug dealers trying to make a sale.
While being there, I saw an area where stars were damaged and vandalized. They put up a fence, guarding the stars which are currently in...

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