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My Improvements Essay

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After four months taking English 49, I am impressed of all the new experiences I gained in the class. This portfolio illustrates my improvement though this semester. Like I say in the prologue, English is neither my native language nor language at school. Although I have been here just for 4 years, thank to this class, English 49, my writing skill is developed obviously. My first piece is the revised argumentative essay “Technology in Education”, which I only earn a C. However, it is the essay that I like the most because it makes me understand my weakness to help improve in other essay. My second piece is the writer’s choice which is “Verbal Approval and Extrinsic Prize”. I choose this ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, the argument essay must have a clear thesis, there reasons with clear explanations and well supports. With that in mind, I have improved my writing skills that each paragraph must have a well topic sentence and two supports for each reason. The most important thing is explaining that supports and relating it back to my topic sentences; that will help readers follow the main points with no trouble. As consequently, my works are better day by day; especially, my essay, “Raise the Minimum Wage” which I put in unrevised in-class essay in this portfolio, also this is the essay that I have the highest score in English 49. Even though it is an in-class essay, but because I have a good understand about argument essay, so I wrote it very well and achieve my goal. For instance, in the essay “Raise the Minimum Wage” I built a clear and effective thesis, and also had a strong evident that support topics and the thesis in every paragraph. After all, I wanted to show the reader my evident to assist them recognize my point of view and base on that helps my essay appeal stronger and avoid bias, which is a one-sided presentation, a lot of authors usually have this mistake. This example demonstrates my development as a writer and proves that I have a strong skill to write an argument essay.
Second thing I have achieved this semester is that I can develop my prewriting technique. At the beginning of the semester, I neither make drafts about what I am going to write nor do research for more information. I always thought that prewriting only waste my time and does not help out anything. However, after learning in my English 49 class, I realize that prewriting technique not only saves me time but also helps my essay organized logically. Once time, Professor Anderson let us brainstorming and listing the ideas for essay. At first, I was very lazy and did not know how to do it. Later I finished it and figured out that base on what I have list on that sheet, I can develop it to a sturdy and logically argument. Looking at organization sheet, I can figure out where I need more supports and where I need to do more research. Thus, after that day, I always use prewriting technique to organize my ideas. It is clearly to see that my grade in the...

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