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My Incredible Discovery Essay

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I am an archaeologist, a young one working with my professor. I believe I found with my natural propensity a wondrous, exhilarating, incredible discovery of the past. They indicate ancient people, probably Homo sapiens. The carbon dating I have found indicates they are around 25,000 years old. Specifically, the items I found are a skull, rib bones, and a leg bone. Furthermore I was by fate or destiny able to recover flower petals, a bone necklace, and sharpened flint weapon tips in a dug out hole with the bones. I also found some additional sharpened weapon tips and sharpened flint weapon tips arranged in a circle possibly a fire, dug out rock bowls near the circle, cave paintings of humans chasing dear with spears, large blanket like animal-hides and various smaller pieces, one carved statue of a large woman found deep in the cave with flower petals and animal bones.

In a reasonable hypothesis based on these people I believe these Homo sapiens survived through hunter-gathering. I am sure they used stationary food sources for example berries, fruits, mushrooms and insect larvae. Their primary source of food that is not fixated and more available that took mainly, deft, skilled hands with gracious dexterity, and knowledge and bow training, was rein deer, which provided proteins for them. They had a specific division of labor amongst cooks, gatherers, hunters, and more. The cooks would use the fire to heat up the food to make it easier to chew, and taste overall significantly better and engulf the food in some type of pasteurization. Of course, the Homo Sapiens back then probably did not have a basic understanding of microscopic organisms that can help, or harm the vessel. They also framed their game like hunters today, except not on mounts, although they used their special and ancient cave art, to convey their triumph. They also used the assistance of bowls to gather and store water to possibly make use of agriculture. The usage of pre-meditated hunting was essential, similar to murders that anyone can turn on the television and view. This competency, or omni-potency was needed because the prey who could perceive smell significantly better than them, move faster, and even fight in close combat range better without the assistance of weapons would need this degree of skill, or better. If the game was not killed, the Homo sapiens, depending on the hunters, would not have food on the table. The way they protected themselves against the elements, or specifically the weather, was their skins and hand-worked houses that are resistant to that element. Alternatively, if they could not, they made a simple, but time costing solution which was migration. Furthermore, there was a much needed technique that is a necessity known as storing food which would cause jealousy in the tribe, or clan also a scarcity of food. Otherwise this would aid the sapiens, although they can live 2 to 8 weeks without food using stored fat, water not as long, but...

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