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"What an excellent slave of Allah: Khalid Ibn al-Walid, one of the swords of Allah,Unleashed against the unbelievers!” saidProphet Muhammad (SAWS). The first commander of the military that never lost in his war. Did you know him? Lets me share with you. He is Saidina Khalid Al-Walid. Today i am going to give a talk about “The Sword of Allah”, The greatness of “The Sword of Allah” and lastly the moral value that we can get from this story.

OK, let’s explore about “The Sword of Allah” to know him more deeper by looking at life history of his.

The commander of the military leading Islamic who is a great and strong as well as agile play sword.he was Saidina Khalid Bin Al-Walid Bin Al- ...view middle of the document...

Now you already know about the Sword of Allah. Let’s continue to next explaining about him.

Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) said that, “What an excellent slave of Allah: Khalid Ibn al-Walid, one of the swords of Allah, unleashed against the unbelievers!".Its begin with the opposition hard to the prophet Muhammad S.A.W and Islam.Saidina Khalid leads military Quraisy to defeat of Islam in the war Uhud in the 3rd migration. Prophet muhammad S.A.W had sent three envoy with a letter inviting him to joinIslam. But all the three envoys were killed. The Prophetsaid, "If all three of these are killed, let the men select acommander from among themselves." .Saidina Khalid began to receive light truth of Islam and finally embrace Islam in 6 migration.Three months after his arrival at Madinah, Khalid got his chance to show what he could do as a soldier and a commander for the faith which he had just embraced.When Abdullah had fallen, the standard was picked up by Thabit bin Arqam, who raised his voice and shouted, "OMuslims, agree upon a man from among you to be thecommander." He then spied Khalid, who stood next to him, and offered him the standard.Khalid was conscious of the fact that as a new convert he did not hold a high positionamong the Muslims, and Thabit bin Arqam was a Muslim of long standing. Thisconsideration was important. He declined the offer of Thabit, saying: "You are moredeserving than I" "Not I," replied Thabit, "and none but you!" .This was really awindfall for the Muslims, for they knew of the personal courage and military ability ofKhalid. They all agreed to his appointment, and Khalid took the standard and assumedcommand. The golden age and the greatness of warriors’ sword of Allah began when 3 commander of Islamic triple killed, then the banner of war switch to his hands already begun. Thereby, Saidina Khalid guides almost 100 series of war to uplod the teachings of Islam and khalimah faith holy on this earth.After death of...

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