My Internet Post: A Sumary Of The Current Chinese Government

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First (and only?) post! Or i’m in the wrong place. My summary:

China is currently ruled by a group of nine autocrats, who reached this position through personal connections. They were not elected in a competitive election. Their formal power comes from their positions in the Politburo, which is also an elite group of individuals. The politburo controls the Military Affairs Commission, the National Peoples Congress, and the State Council.

The MAC is ANOTHER group of elite individuals (pattern?) who “control” the PLA, along with its nukes. I say “control” because they are dependent on each other. The Politburo needs to PLA to assure their control (like during Tiananmen) and the MAC needs the Politburo for funding. Appointment to the MAC requires no military background, just a nice set of connections. The PLA itself is just the military arm of the CCP. All officers are in the party. These guys just have a different kind of leverage than the civilians.

The National Peoples Congress is pretty worthless. While it was meant to be one of the more powerful organs in the Chinese government body, all it is is a bunch of yes-men that pass pre-approved decisions. Like a really wimpy version of the House of Lords, but without the cool name. The Congress has 3000 members, 70% of which are CCP members, with 5 year terms. A full Congress with all 3000 of them is held only once a year, due to their extreme spread-outness. During the rest of the time, 150 of them make all the decisions, which means they have the most influence. An additional task of the NPC is to elect “high” level positions like the president and vice president. Unfortunately there is usually only one candidate for any office.

The State...

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