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My Internet Security Suite Application Essay

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There so many malicious software on the internet. It is important to have software that can block and remove this malicious software. The name of the software would be called iSecurity Suite. I would develop a mobile internet security suite application for iPad. I want to protect the iPad against viruses, spyware, and use a firewall to prevent other people from gaining access to your iPad.
The first part of the application internet security suite is the anti-virus. This is an important software. It protect against viruses and other internet threats. Anti-viruses software removes and blocks viruses. There so many viruses on the internet and some iPad users think that think they do not need an anti-virus. But if your iPad is jail broken is it easier to download a virus. Apple has done a good job on protecting their software from viruses. But any device that goes on the internet should have an anti-virus. Hacker tends to target Microsoft ...view middle of the document...

Apple has become too content with its success, but did not think ahead. This is wrong because everyday cyber criminals are looking for ways of exploiting its operating system, and every operating system has its vulnerability.
Anti-Spyware software would be the second part of the internet security suite. This software protects against spyware. These types of software or hardware obtain information on people without their knowledge. There are reports of some incidents where spyware was found on iPads. For example, a key logger records everything a user types. By recording this information they can gain access to a user’s personal information. There are many types of spyware, so it is wise to have a suite that is bundled into one package. For instance, there was a bug in the operating system of iPhones and iPads that hackers could exploit. Advertisements that keep appearing on apps are called adware. They can be annoying because they keep popping up and can use up your iPad’s memory. These types of advertisement can be use to spy on iPad user’s internet activities. If anti-spyware software found a program on your mobile device, it would tell the user to remove the spyware from his or her device using the software.
The third part of my internet security suite is the firewall. This is the software or hardware that protects a person’s device from hackers gain access to his or her iPad without permission. It asks the user for permission before it allows a program to gain access to your iPad. This software makes it harder for hackers to gain control of your mobile device. For example, Zone alarm is a popular firewall that controls what comes in and out on a network a computer. Security protection is needed for mobile devices on the internet. A firewall also lets a person know about suspicious programs that are trying to access into his or her mobile devices or computers.
Security is important for iPads and other mobile devices. It is essential to have anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall software for iPads. This internet security is important so that you can avoid malicious software. Software developers have to think ahead of hackers in order to survive in cyberspace.

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