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My Interpretation Of The Five Stages Of Group Development And Group Roles

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In this Discussion Board post I will describe my interpretation and give examples of the various stages that an efficient team should experience as they are working together to achieve a goal. Second, I will briefly compare the qualities of a group versus a team. Third, I will go over the various roles that each of the members in a team may play, and I will explain which of these roles may be the easiest for me based on my character strengths and which ones may be the hardest for me based on my character weaknesses. Fourth, I will discuss why I think it is important to learn and fully understand how to work in a group. Lets begin with the various stages a group will find themselves in when becoming a team.

The Introduction Stage

In this stage the students that will be working together on a group project are meeting and greeting each other. This stage is very important, because it allows the students to get to know each other by sharing their past experiences, what they are good at, and, perhaps, what they aren’t so good at. This is a good time to set up a schedule for meetings and deadlines that every member on the team is able to maintain. This schedule should accommodate each member’s time schedule, and focus on completing the various project goals. At this stage the student who is designated team leader should give guidance to the team and help them figure out their own roles within the team based on their skills and the requirements of the project. In our discussion board we function somewhat like a team. We have all come together under the guidance of Dr. Clarke, in order to achieve our goal of completing this class. We met each other during the first week, and we have had opportunities to share our ideas and opinions about the topics we are learning by using the weekly discussion boards. Dr. Clarke also gave us the deadlines that our discussion board posts must be posted by, and we work together discussing the weekly objectives until these requirements are reached.

The Brainstorming Stage

In this stage the students are learning how work together while working towards project goals. Many conflicts can arise in this stage because of the student’s personal differences and their differences of opinions. All of the members are fighting for positions within the team and want their ideas about the project heard. The team leader must give guidance through this phase. They must help the team find ways to problem solve and resolve conflict themselves. A team that will be effective and productive must find ways to compromise in order to move beyond this stage. Each week I have noticed that many opinions and disagreements have been posted on the discussion board, but we do a significant job of remaining respectful and being considerate towards one another. We have been learning to communicate with one another, and this helps us learn about the topics we are discussing each week. Dr. Clarke posts questions that help us critically...

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