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My Job As Human Resources Director Of Twk

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In TWK, the filter systems company, I have recently been hired as the Human Resource Director. As a Human Resource Director, my job is to figure and clear out the major issues in the company, which are leading to a downfall of the company’s equity. As investigating the company operations and procedures on a daily base, I have come to the three main issues that I am deeply concerned with. In this essay I will outline and discuss the three main issues which firstly regard the lack of employee motivation in the organization. Secondly I am going to discuss the employees’ lack of knowledge of what the organization’s goals and motives are. Lastly I am going to touch on the unfair and unjust ...view middle of the document...

Dan, the boss of the
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company is not engaged in any kind of motivation strategies, in which by either evaluating the employees or appreciating for the work done. Employees at TWK work day and night, but have no way of understanding their progression. The employees are simply not evaluated or appraised for the work done. One of the main reasons the employees are not motivated is because they are not pushed or told that the work they are doing is or is not affecting the organization. Not only do the individuals not receive any form of evaluation, but also do not receive any rewards, recognitions or bonuses. Receiving such rewards and appraisals or even recognition motivates the employer to work harder. However in TWK, throughout time individuals, like the two Sarah’s, are fired instantly, without knowing what they had done wrong. This is why employers at TWK feel like disposable individuals, who are just used simply as means to get work done. Not only is their lack of motivation in employees, but also are unmotivated by environment in the workplace.
Instead of creating an appropriate workplace for the employees, the organization could care less for the employee satisfaction and the employees’ relationship with one another. In TWK the individuals are unable to create a friendship. Shannon, a girl who works as a temporary receptionist at TWK, is not comfortable with the three Sarah’s, her co-workers. Due to that, Shannon does not listen to what the three girls have to say and could care less for what they do in the company. There is also frisky business going on with the relationships developing in the workplace. Dan the boss had asked Shannon out to a bar in which they encountered with one of the Sarah’s, who then seemed very upset to see those two together, which caused more hatred among one another. The issue here is that the employees at the workplace do not know how to work in teams. In other words, they are not only unhappy with the company itself, but also with
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the people they work with. As a result, this leads to a decrease in the motivation to work for the company. Due to the lack of motivation in the company, as Shannon was working for TWK she conversed with, Mr. Xu, and from here they both made a secret plan. This plan including the idea of both developing and running a shoe company in which they will earn much more money than Shannon would at TWK. Her...

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