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My Career Goals Essay

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Just recently, I was reviewing my academic information in preparation for the completion of my applications. I stumbled upon one of my essays required for admission to my undergraduate college choices. I had originally wanted to major in biology. I was always fascinated by the miraculous operations performed by the body, especially the mind. As probably heard before, I took my first psychology course and realized that I had to change my major. I felt compelled to pursue psychology as my career choice. Throughout the first few years of college, I enrolled in several psychology courses, my mind inundating with various concepts and definitions. I remember having the feeling of being lucky. I was one of the few students whom I have encountered who not only thoroughly enjoyed her major, but also was fascinated by it. As I began to delve deeper into the study of psychology, I began to see psychology from a personal perspective.

        I believed that I would have been a successful biologist since I enjoyed absorbing information and making connections between mind and body. What I had not wanted to neglect was my intuition and ability to connect with individuals. I wanted a life and career that would be satiating and not bereft of interactions with individuals on a personal level. I work part-time as a tutor at the Center for Academic Enhancement at the College of New Jersey. I tutor a variety of psychology courses in addition to Spanish level courses. I chose Spanish as a minor of study because I feel that the study of a prevalent foreign language enables the availability of communication and connection for those whom may be seeking assistance but cannot express their concerns through the English language. I decided to tutor throughout my college years in lieu of pursuing night jobs characteristic of undergraduate students. Although available working hours are limited and the pay is minimal, I revere my job and appreciate the position I hold. I interact with students every day. We attempt to strengthen their weaknesses, whether it is the inability to grasp a certain concept or how to reduce test-taking anxiety. We expand on the client’s strong points and attempt to apply these skills to other academic areas. The rewarding experience of working with clients in a one on one situation was the catalyst for my enrollment in a course where I am awarded the opportunity to work in a field experience. I am currently volunteering in Carrier Clinic in Belle Mead, NJ. At this institution I am able to not only interact with clients who require a different type of attention, but I am able to observe a therapeutic community. I witness the manner in which the residential counselors and therapists handle and approach situation. I take part in group discussions. I research the medical and psychological history of the clients. Every hour spent in this facility proves to be a learning experience.

        In addition to the personal aspect of psychology, I...

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