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My Journal Entry: Scientific Thinking Essay

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Carl Sagan once said, “Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge.” This statement would help to understand why people believe in astrology because it is a way of thinking. Astrology not supported by scientific studies but has many followers why might that be? Because astrology gives, people who believe a glimpse into their future whether this is true or not depends on what one believes. Astrology can offer a desirable forecast for the future especially for those who are experiencing a rough time. It does not matter that astrology not proven by science; people who believe in astrology do not care about someone else proving that it exist.
Astrology is a way of thinking that things only happen for a reason and that it is not coincidental. If something happens because it coincidental then it would be science, and astrology is not really science. Astrology gives believers the reasons why some of the things happening to them are happening. Astrology may shed light on those who need a better understanding. People want to know their future it may give them something to look forward too. People who believe in astrology have a tendency of thinking that horoscope will help them prepare for their future. Astrology can be satisfying and personally fulfilling wisdom for most who believe.
There are four steps to explore the scientific method of something and this would not work on astrology. There is no scientific method when it comes to astrology because there is no proof that it is real or not real. How astrology is measured would be very difficult to determine. Astrology not observed in a scientific testing facility, because it involves thinking by someone that believes in astrology. A hypothesis to compare astrology would be difficult because there is not a relationship between two variables to compare. Experimentation would not be an option because there is not hypothesis to compare. There would be no analysis to verify what took place because nothing took place. That is probable why no supported scientific studies performed on astrology. For a scientific inquiry to be true, it must use the steps to support the scientific study it must also be careful, objective and attempt to get to the truth. After all science develops, hypotheses and theories that can be...

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