My Journey Through Literacy Essay

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Knowledge is literacy, and literacy is the ability to enhance your vocabulary, read and hear of others literacy stories, and continue to live your own. I would like to begin explaining my literacy story by saying that my first word was “mama”. Although I don’t remember this, my first word was very exciting to my parents because I mainly communicated through my older brother, David until I was almost three years old. Although David is my only sibling and is three years older than I am, we have always been close. He used to tell my parents whatever I wanted when I didn’t know how to talk yet. Although it took me a while to learn to speak, my parents always read me stories and encouraged me to speak before and as soon as I began to learn.
Growing up, my parents used to read me a story almost every night. I remember a large book that was filled with classic fairytale stories like Hansel and Gretel, and The Little Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe. My favorite series of stories was the Little Critters stories. Each story had something that I could relate to like bath time and shopping with mom. However, my favorite story was a simple story called “All About Cats”. I liked this story because my favorite pet has always been cats, and this story was simple enough that I could memorize all of the words.
As my brother started attending school, I always grew intrigued by the homework he was having sent home. His teachers would send him simple things like letter charts to trace with a dry-erase marker, or short books with chunks of words to sound out. By seeing David’s homework and having a growing interest to go to school myself, I often couldn’t wait for David to get home so that we could play school out on our porch. David would bring a grey laundry basket out to use as a desk and we would use our child size chairs to sit on. We would both take turns being the teacher and the student.
As I started school, kindergarten came easy to me and school seemed fun. The teacher was always very enthusiastic when reading us stores. She was able to read a story with so many gestures and characteristics, always remember the right voice and personality of each character in a story that it was easy to follow along. Also, this teacher implemented different kinds of stories into her class. I remember the classic, normal sized books, the oversized books that were hard for her to hold up, stories that she would tell as she was drawing pictures on the chalkboard, and even stories that we would act out. To this day, I strive to read to children the way that she read to the class I was in.
By the time I started attending first, I always felt as though I wasn’t obtaining the same reading patterns as my friends and classmates were. The teachers would sometimes make comments about the fact that my spelling was backwards and “different”. This made me very self-conscious. I would often leave the class during reading or choices time to work with a mentor teacher who allowed me to...

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