My Journey To Success Essay

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Local soccer club raises twenty thousand dollars for a local charity. No other organization has ever brought this much awareness to McDuffie county. Wouldn’t this be a great thing to hear on the news? I will accomplish this task by coming back to McDuffie County after college and developing a local soccer club team. A club team defines itself as an organization that provides experience and knowledge at the level for those who excel. A club team consists of experienced and trained coaches who provide athletes the one on one attention they need in order to take their self to the next level of the game.
I have accomplished many goals in my life. I reached my first goal in middle school. I told myself that can’t was not a word in my dictionary and I tried out for and made the middle school soccer team. The next step in my journey to success was making the Varsity High School soccer team. At this point I was also playing on a club soccer team in South Carolina. I had the knowledge that making the high school varsity soccer team would be challenging, but being on club team gave me more experience and knowledge of the game. Tryouts approached and I soon became, as a freshman, a varsity starting soccer player. Now that I knew I was capable of reaching any and every goal I made, I was ready for the journey to my substantial goal for my community.
Furthermore, I was given the opportunity to play on several club soccer teams but they were all in Columbia county or North Augusta. I have always wished for a club team in Thomson because the travel was a burden for me and my family. However, Thomson is a football town, but it is not the only sport around. Soccer is called the “beautiful game” around the world and I strive to have McDuffie County a bigger part of this game. My goal is...

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