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My Journey To United States Essay

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I had tried to reach United States coast by boat eleven times since 2005. This was the only possible way because, legally, it was impossible. In October 2006, I went with my boyfriend and thirty six people to a distant and lonely place on the south coast of Cuba. We had walked more than twenty miles to reach that point where we had to wait for a boat, which would bring us to United States. That night was cold even thought we were sweating because of the long walk. We were constantly hiding from people who could inform the police about our unusual presence in that place. After we arrived to the meeting point, we waited for three hours in the coast’s rocks until we saw two boats arriving. In the beginning, we were scared with the thought that they could be the Cuban Coast Guard. However, when we saw the right signal, our hearts started beating hard and we ran nervously to the boats.
It was almost 11:00 at night on October 27, 2006 when I started my journey to the United States by boat. The next three days were all water, sun, and cold nights. There were no birds, no fish, and nothing more than the sunshine and the sunset for the next seventy two hours. We were sixteen men saying that we will die in the sea and four women crying. Those days were the most vivid hell in the middle of nothing. If Dante had experience this, The Divine Comedy would have a different story to tell. After two days of seeing the same panorama, a storm started. The waves were like skyscrapers, with a blue almost black color which spoke about the depth of the waters where we were. But, the worst was that after the storm we ran out of gas. For almost a day we were drifting until someone known to the captain brought gas. At that point, we restarted our journey, but not to the United States. The travel diverted to Cancun, Mexico, because the force of the water had changed our direction and the gas was not enough to reach Florida. On the night of the fourth day we got to Cancun, by a place called Lagarto Beach. The captain of the boat, and some people drove us to a house that they have rented. The next ten days we would stay in a house in Cancun, waiting for the right moment to cross Mexico and pass the border.
The days in that house were not as bad as the days at sea, but they were not easy. We were scared, and our future was unclear. When we arrived late that night, a...

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