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My Key To Happiness Essay

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Life isn’t perfect; everyone at least goes through various difficulties once throughout their life. Dues to the growth of living standards and how hectic we are every day, sometimes I wonder if we are really happy. For me, happiness isn’t a permanent feeling that would come easily. “Easy comes, easy goes” is what I can describe happiness, since it is built on our experiences and emotions. Yet, there are tough times when I feel sad, stressful, or even worse, I find myself recovered quickly and able to be happy again. In most case, there are three significant factors that help me pursue happiness such as family, meaningful activities, and gratification.
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In the same way, I find happiness in different ways while doing things that’s meaningful. For instance, I want to use my strengths towards something bigger than myself such as: helping others, serving people who is in need and finding my flows. Learning from my volunteering experiences in the past years, I feel happier when doing meaningful activities, especially seeing other people happy. They might not necessary be money or materialistic items, which I could give them. Help can be considered as small gestures like holding the door for someone behind, or being nice to others. In my opinion, showing enthusiasm and compassion is good enough to bring happiness to others and to myself. Positive psychology shown in the movie Happy has mentioned how kindness is the most effective ways to gain happiness. Likewise, Martin Seligman also states that “help[ing] people become lastingly happier” in his article A Balanced Psychology and a Full Life (Seligman, 417). In other words, helping others instead of myself makes I think of things bigger and more positive in different perspectives.
Lastly, I feel happier when I think of how lucky I am. When I see homeless people on the street, it makes me think more about myself. I came to realize how much I’m having now in life. As a typical teenage girl, sometimes I wished that I could have more of everything like more money, talents, popularity, and be happier. I used to complain a lot that my life isn’t enjoyable as it could be. I...

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