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My Kitchen. Essay

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As I smell the aroma of well-made food, feel a warm sensation; I realize I am in my kitchen. That is where I spend many enjoyable hours of my life. There have been countless good memories while being in my most favorite place, my kitchen.
The first time I stepped into the kitchen, it gave off this special warm feeling that no other room gave to me. The wallpaper is a nice tint of white that makes the room feel very cozy. The lighting is always adequate because there are numerous lights and there is a big window in front of the sink. The large sink always reminds me of some funny times I had while using it.
One summer morning I was washing the disgusting dishes and I noticed that some of the water fell onto the floor. As more water kept falling on the floor, I continued washing dishes. Eventually I got sidetracked and went to another room for some reason. Not remembering that water was on the floor, I rushed into the room. As I slowly ran towards the sink, I felt wetness under my feet and slid back. I fell hard on the tile and slightly hurt my back. I got up and laughed at the situation and continued my dishes. I have had many water fights in my kitchen while using the sink. All of them were very fun, but the most fun I had in the kitchen was from making delightful food.
My most favorite food to make is spaghetti. The process that is taken to make it is very fun. Firstly, I boil the water and then put the raw noodles inside the boiling...

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