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My Lai Massacre Essay

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History EssayHow do you explain what happened at My Lai? What can be done to prevent such tragedies from happening again? What does My Lai teach us about the nature of evil? Was Calley evil, or was he a more-or-less "normal person in abnormal circumstances"? Would Calley have acted differently had he received more training in the rules of warfare? Do all soldiers have this capacity for violence?My Lai is a small village in the Mid-west of Vietnam. On March 16, 1968 a US operation was launched on the Intel that the village was used as an enemy Viet Cong stronghold. The US operation aimed at deploying troops in the area known as Pinkville. What transpired resembled less of an operation to destroy the enemy to more of an operation to let off hatred for the Vietnamese people, building within the soldiers. It was no secret that the soldiers of the US armed forces despised not only the Viet Cong but also the Vietnamese people. This is a complex issue as the soldiers were there to help and protect these people, but as time went on and comrades fell left and right, distrust grew between the soldiers and those under their protection. This distrust between the two grew immensely as the Viet Cong would blend in with the civilians making the soldiers constantly anxious and suspicious of the people, knowing that anyone of them could be a killer with only a moment's notice. Many US soldiers faced the possibility that for every civilian they saved another soldier or even potentially they could be killed. This began to eat away at the soldiers both mentally and physically. The massacre was no only about true evil, but more of humans pushed to their mental limits.Such tragedies are extremely difficult to prevent. Unfortunately these events are extremely hard to predict and with war being the destructive power that it is, men are easily corruptible to the events they see in battle. Even if we knew of an event that was happening today right now sometimes we can do very little to stop such acts. Take for example ISIS who right now is committing similar atrocities under different circumstances. ISIS is known for killing civilians and enemies alike such as what happened in operation "". However the main difference being that Charlie Company was under US command and could be stopped rather easily. With such groups as ISIS they are not governed by any major force so stopping them would in tale a third party force intervening thus recreating the cycle of violence and war crimes. The easy solution would be to end all wars, but this will never realistically happen, after all Plato once said "Only the dead have seen the end of war." Other than that the best way to avoid such a tragedy is to better educate the soldiers that are being sent into live combat. We have seen that soldiers with a better training and education in the ethics of war have a stronger resolve and the risk of war crimes is significantly reduced. However no matter how you look at it humans are corruptible,...

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2453 words - 10 pages jive with one another in regards to the information contained in them about the My Lai incident. The reviewer also states that both books are based on first hand accounts, which lead to more accurate details.Hammer begins by explaining that he must delve into the events prior to the massacre in order to explain the massacre that happened on the morning of March 16, 1968. He takes the reader to a beautiful, peaceful village on the Batangan

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1057 words - 4 pages ." If only Mr. Lincoln had been in My Lai on March 16, 1968 to remind the U.S. troops of that very point, maybe things would have turned out differently. "My Lai conveys terrible truths about the Vietnam war that we simply must face. We cannot avoid the abyss that is our history. We repeat it, if we are ignorant of it, and if we cannot confront it," (1) said David L. Anderson in his book "Facing My Lai: Moving Beyond the Massacre." The massacre at

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1045 words - 4 pages confront it," said David L. Anderson in his book Facing My Lai: Moving Beyond the Massacre. The massacre at My Lai was witnessed by at least one soldier who wasn't swept up in the drama unfolding on the ground beneath his helicopter. Pilot Hugh Thompson, enraged by what he was witnessing in the hamlet below, set down his aircraft and began to rescue the Vietnamese survivors. He ordered his machine gunner to open fire on any American soldiers who

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708 words - 3 pages My Lai Massacre "My Lai was no accident. It was pure, premeditated murder". The memory of this tragic day is forever etched in the memories of many Vietnamese. The area in which the massacre took place was known as the Quang Ngai Province in the Song My village. This area was many times the scene for the worst fighting to take place between the U.S. and the National Liberation Front. The hamlet of My Lai was said to be the strongest of the NLF