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My Last Days Essay

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Everyone dies, eventually. I knew that, of course, but what I didn’t know was that my death would be earlier than most. I’m in a dark cave, with a guy I hardly even know, and we are about to be eaten by a horde of zombies. Sounds fun right? Let me back up a bit.
One morning, I woke up earlier than usual because I couldn’t get over the smell of death that surrounded me. I pushed off the covers and quietly crept to the door. The cold floor sent shivers throughout my body. As I was about to grab the doorknob, it turned and the door started to swing open. I leaped back just as my mom walked in.
“You scared me!” I panted.
“I’m sorry. Happy 15th birthday sweetie. I made you breakfast.” She ...view middle of the document...

My best friend, Grace, is always complaining that I have such beautiful hair. I find that funny since she is probably the prettiest girl in school. She’s a normal height, super skinny and has a perfect nose.
I leave my hair down for today, which is very rare. It’s probably down to my waist but nobody would really know that because I always wear it in a ponytail. I finally make my way downstairs and see my father in his usual spot at the table drinking a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper. He looks up at me for a less than a second then continues reading.
“You know, it’s my birthday today.” I said. My dad grunts. “I’m turning fifteen at 10:00 tonight.”
“That’s nice.” He probably wasn’t even listening. My dad and I have a complicated relationship. Five years ago he started drinking, every night he would leave with his friends and stay at the bar until two in the morning. He got arrested for drunk driving and was in jail for four years. He hasn’t said more than a paragraph at a time since then.
“Alright let’s go.” My mom opens the door and I step out into the sun. She holds a tray of cookies for the neighbors. I can’t tell whether she got the cookies out of the oven or the litter box.
“Mom maybe we should save the welcome cookies for another time, we don’t want to poison them before we even meet.” She laughs.
On our way down to the new neighbor’s house, I noticed mom was slightly limping. She stepped hard onto her right leg then dragged her left leg behind her.
“Are you alright mom?”
“Uh, oh yeah I’m fine.” She said with little confidence. I didn’t bother asking anything else, she seemed like she wasn’t in the mood for questions. We headed up the Johnson’s driveway and I started to feel very nervous. My mom knocked on the door.
“Hello! My name is Sherry, you must be the Smith’s.” The woman who answered looked young and had the biggest smile I have ever seen. She welcomed us into her house and led us to the couch.
“I’m sorry for the mess of boxes, unpacking is a hard job.” She smiled at me, “you can go upstairs and find Jackson if you would like.”
“Ok.” I answered. I was inferring that Jackson was the guy my mom was talking about. As I walked up stairs I noticed how big their house was on the inside. It had so many rooms, I was surprised only 5 people lived here.
It was obvious which room was his by the blasting music. I knocked. A few seconds later I heard him yell “come in.” My hand was so sweaty that I could barely grab the door knob. His room was already all unpacked. Posters of rock bands and football players covered his walls.
“Who are you?” He asked. When I first saw him I knew he’d instantly become one of the “popular jocks.” His brown hair was cut so perfectly that it reminded me of a character in a movie.
It took me a second to realize he was talking to me. “Oh, I’m Jordan. I live down the street and my mom and I just came to welcome you to the neighborhood.”
He paused the blasting music and looked at me.“I have a...

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