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Many people believe that the federal and private sector have messed up with their judgment in different situation. People believe that they aren’t always responsible in the way the asset situations but they rather ignore what is needed to be done. People also believe that sometimes both the private and feudal government doesn’t take a look at the big picture such as own their judgment will affect the people that are in various situations. An example of this would be the MTA laying off workers. People believe there is no personal regret or feelings the city of New York feel for the families who are going to lose their jobs. They believe the city would really care that the price of basic ...view middle of the document...

They are usually ran by an individual and companies for profit. Private sectors are not encompasses all for-profit businesses. Most of them are not owned or operated by the government. Those various companies and corporations are mostly government ran. They are also a part of what is known as the public sector. While other public sectors such as charities and other nonprofit organizations are part of the voluntary sector. Both of these sectors have has bad judgment in different situations here are some examples. One example of the federal government having bad judgment is the situation with southwest airline national transportation safety commission. This was the job of the Federal Aviation Administration. In this situation the head of the FAA’S Air Traffic Organization resigned after the situation went public. In this situation a Southwest Airlines flight from Phoenix to Sacramento was forced to make an emergency landing at an Air Force base after a three-foot hole opened up in the roof of the plane. This in return caused the cabin to depressurize. There were hundreds of planes that were grounded and will be inspected as a result of the incident the federal government said. After weeks of rumors they found that the Boeing plant in fact was not the first time an accident of that kind had happened and the federal government did nothing about it. The first time they said the doors where ripped of a plane and the fight attendant flew out and still the federal government never did a full investigation in the airline sector. Another issue in which the federal government didn’t responsibly handle is the famous drug-resistant bacteria found in meat. This was the job of the United States Department of Agriculture was supposed to handle. No one was fires and or resigned even after the mistake of miss judgment took place. In this situation a highly respected research organization called Genomics issued a report. In the report it said that there was a conducted on meat sold at various supermarkets around the country. These results came as a major shock to everyone especially the meat industry. Nearly half of the meat...

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