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My Past, Present & Future Self In Hyderabad And The United States

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Making my way through the crowded streets of Hyderabad (India), I arrive at the door step of a bakery shop. I have picked up some freshly baked sweet rolls for breakfast. My family really enjoys breakfast the day sweet rolls with jelly and warm milk are on the menu. Over breakfast, my family usually discusses any important events of the day ahead. Most families in India create a strong sense of family bond and aim to instill good values in their children. In this paper, I will be shedding some light on my past and present experiences. I will also be writing about the things I want to pursue and achieve in the future. I will be giving references from the course books as needed.

Most households in India are comprised of at least two families living as a joint family. My joint family consisted of my paternal grandparents, aunts and uncles along with my immediate family. I am one of six siblings. I have one brother who is older than me, and then it’s me and rest of my siblings. Besides the periods of sibling rivalry, we tried to be nice to each other. My fondest memory is when we all went to my maternal grandmother’s house and got together with other cousins and just played many games like musical chairs, hop scotch, hide and side, and other pretend games. We also had a great time acting in our version of Snow white and Cinderella plays. Our audience consisted of few aunts and our grandmother who cheered us as the play went along.
Grandparents play an important role in most Indian families. They rarely posses an abundance

of wealth, but they usually possess an abundance of knowledge, experience and compassion that is

admired and cherished by their children and grand children. Most Indian grandparents also use a strategy described as religious coping (Boyd & Bee 2006, pg. 200)not only to overcome times of stress and uncertainty , but to achieve the respectable status with their children. I believe when the grandparents praise their Creator, their Creator makes sure that they are being praised by their own family. The following quote from an Old Age article from the Ashford Library holds true in many Indian families; “In many countries, for example, the ability of the elderly to provide information based on their extensive experience gives them a respected position in society.” On both my paternal and maternal side of the family, both of the grandparents were very well respected and cherished.
My siblings and I were lucky enough to get the love, affection and guidance from our grandparents. Our paternal aunts played an important role in our lives as well. They loved us dearly and would be ready to help my mom take care of us in any way needed. Due to the love and affection displayed by my aunts, I grew very close to two of my aunts. But I would have the company of my loving aunts only for a short period. My aunts had applied for a visa to come to America. The night they boarded the plane and left...

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