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My Philosphy On Being A Successful Leader

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Leadership is not about having a title, big office, or having followers. Successful leadership is about having the courage to make the right choices, engage others in your vision and empowering followers to pursue choices for the common good. A great leader will leave an impact on their followers that will last a lifetime. My personal leadership philosophy is shaped by considering various factors, of which the first would be knowledge of one’s self. A leader must know and understand their core values such as, authenticity, passion, service, humor, growth and learning. Successful leaders are genuine and make it safe for followers to speak-up. They make decisions for the common good, communicate expectations, challenge their teams, are accountable, lead by example, reward and provide continuous feedback. I truly believe that successful leadership can be seen through their followers who see and communicate the same vision.
Leadership is about being versatile and being flexible enough to be both extroverted and introverted when situation calls for it. Leadership is also about influencing others and providing a greater meaning to shared values. I lead and follow best when my relationships with people have a high level of openness and trust. A leader should possess self-confidence and versatility. I believe that leadership evolves from those people who are willing to learn, grow and develop from those who participate in their vision. I also believe that the people I interact with can help to define some of my values. As a leader we are allowed to lead because those we lead allow us to do so. Just as we can be given authority in management, but we must earn the respect from those we lead. Leaders should possess values that are versatile, tenacious, and great leaders are unwavering in their vision.
Understanding one’s core values is crucial in becoming an effective leader. Some values are learned through childhood and others are shaped and tested throughout one’s life. Authenticity is about knowing one’s self, what you stand for and being comfortable in your own skin. When developing a leadership philosophy, it is important to know yourself both personally and professionally. Leadership is having the ability to know how to identify your own strengths and weaknesses, and to promote self-development and to take ownership in helping to promote self-development for your followers. To become a successful leader in today’s world in any occupation we must develop, reflect and explore our personal values, and expectations.
Leaders should inform their team what their expectations are, ensure everyone is clear and concise as to what the expectations are, and to clarify anything that is not understood. Although a leadership task is challenging, keeping the lines of communication open by sharing with your followers what the expectations are of you and of them, are the first steps of being a responsible leader (Daft, 2011). Leadership...

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