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My Leadership Style Essay

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My Leadership Style
Some people are born leaders and some people have to learn how to be leaders. For someone to become a great leader they need to learn the concept of leadership styles and learn how to apply this concept into action. There are three leadership styles that one needs to know about in order to be a great leader. These leadership styles are ; democratic, autocratic and laissez-faire.
The first leadership style is democratic leadership. A democratic leadership is where you allow your group members, your employees to have a say in what happens. This type of leadership helps when trying to promote a sense of team, and giving the group confidence that their opinions are valued. Even though you do ask for their input in the decision making , you decide what the final say is going to be. The second leadership style is autocratic leadership. This leadership style is not hard to understand at all. In autocratic leadership you are the one who makes the decision. It is always your way or no way.

Finally the third leadership style is the laissez- faire leadership. This leadership style is also called permissive, nondirective, ultraliberal and delegative leadership style. Just like the name implies with this leadership style you always delegate and put someone else in charge of the task. This will definitely raise the level of confidence of the group and teach them how to be a leader themselves.

When I took an online leadership style assessment test I found out that my leadership style is Laissez- faire. Usually the problem with the permissive leadership is that it seems like there is no leader at all. What happens eventually in this case is that the group members start to take on leadership and responsibilities of a leader which in the end leads to a chaos.
In order to be an effective leader one needs to use different approach with different people. One must learn different styles of leadership so they can interact with different people in different situations. Since every situation, every person is different from one another the leader needs to learn different styles of engagement techniques. If you want to be an effective leader you can not direct, motivate, and guide everyone using the same approach. It is true that some people require more structure and direction, however others demand autonomy. That is why as a leader one...

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