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My Learning Management Plan Essay

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It is imperative for a teacher to connect with students and this can be done with an effective learning management plan. It requires the teacher to be able to teach students in an environment that is conducive to learning. This must be something that the teacher is capable of doing without any types of distractions from students. Teachers must be knowledgeable in the area that they are teaching and be able to communicate to the students what is to be learned. Teachers must be able to also develop a relationship with students that will allow them to learn and be productive. Once a teacher is able to bring all of the basic elements together to create a learning environment for her students, ...view middle of the document...

I will hold each student’s personal information in confidence, and making sure that they will not be put into situations that are unsafe to their learning, health, and safety. I will continue to be responsible and accountable for my performance and continually strive to demonstrate competence in the classroom. I will always strive to maintain the dignity of teaching by respecting and obeying the law, and demonstrating person integrity. I will strive to be a life-long learner as long as I teach. As a teacher will also continue to communicate with the parents of my students in the endeavor to make sure that all parents receive all information as it pertains to the education of their child.
As a teacher, I would first come up with rules and consequences that have to be followed by all students in my classroom. These rules may need to be modified for students with learning disabilities, but they will still have rules they will need to follow. The rules and consequences will allow students to stay on task with limited prompting from the teacher. During class instruction, I will help the students learn how to use self-regulation skills that will help them learn to control their behavior. As a teacher, I will work with my students when I see them becoming upset, frustrated, or angry, giving them the time to use the strategies they have learned to cope with the feelings they are feeling. I will help my students learn to use their self-regulation skills. The behavioral goals that will be used in my classroom will be focus more for students with learning disabilities in grades 7-12. As with all students these students also need to learn the correct behavior that is needed in order to successful in the classroom. The behavior goals I would like to instill in my students would be the ability to work independently, request help when needed, and use appropriate interaction with other students. As a teacher, I would give students examples of each goal and examples of how the behavior is not being met within the school. This will allow for each goal to be customized and individualized for each student. Once students are aware of the behaviors goals for the classroom, it will then be important that each goal can be measured and observed. This process can be done by measuring and observing duration, frequency, and intensity of the behavior.
As the teacher, I will always present new information to my students in a way that is easy for them to understand. I will continuously implement learning strategies that will increase student’s ability to retain information. I will always explain to my students why the information is important and how they will be able to use it outside the classroom. I will always give students positive feedback and allow them to make new assumptions and always ask questions when they do not fully understand the information. Student’s participation will be important to their individual...

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