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Have you ever wonder why is it so much effortless for you to learn things when the material comes with pictures than when you try to learn material with just letters and more letters that make no sense at all?. For decades people have struggled trying to understand why is it that for some students learning is so obvious and clear, while many others seem to not get or retain any taught information for long periods of time at all. According to Reiner, C and Willingham, D (2010), “the allegation at the center of learning-style theory is that different students have different modes of learning, and their learning could be improved by matching one’s teaching with that preferred learning mode.” (p. 1) But to this day there is no concrete data to prove that such myth exits, and many believe that this myth is wrong, and basing the way you learn on this could potentially harm the learner diminishing the amount of information that he is able to absorb.
The more limited your education is, the more power highly educated people will have over you, and the more power people have over you the more susceptible you will become to people’s will. I am pursuing a college degree to better myself; to get the knowledge that I need to be able to create the opportunities that will make me more competitive in life, and that will get me closer to the goals I have set throughout my life. When we were kids we all had big dreams, and as we grow up most of those dreams disappear, keeping my dreams big is the motivation that keeps me working hard every day. College is not easy and a lot of motivation is needed to succeed on it, but it is the gateway to the big goals, and there is no other way around.
Knowing what your learning style is and how to use this to your advantage could be the key that will help you to achieve your goal of getting a college degree. According to Felder, R. M., & Soloman, B. A. (n.d.). and to The Center for New Discoveries in Learning. (2012). I am a Visual learner. According to Felder and Soloman (n.d), Visual learners tend to retain more information when they see it; movies, diagrams, images, flow charts, time lines, and demonstrations help the visual learner understand better the information being taught, also when retrieving memories usually they will picture that memory or remember it as a film that they have lived before. This does not mean that I as a visual learner am not able to learn material when being taught verbally or physically, this just means that it will take way more effort and dedication from me to learn and retain data when it is being taught in this way than when that information being taught contains visual material.
I have always liked movies, images, and...

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