My Learning Style: Believe It Or Not!

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As I begin typing, I keep thinking, “What am I doing and why am I taking college courses again?” I’m game the pain will only last until it stops hurting. I’ve never thought about how I like to learn, I just known how I like to be taught. Since I like to be thorough, I took all three tests and read a few papers that were way beyond my level of understanding. As the pounding on the keyboard continues, I hope the train or big bus hits me square head-on so I can gain a better understanding of what and how I’m learning and more importantly, the why.
The top three reasons I started taking college courses again are probably similar to many of my classmates. First, so I can finally get a college ...view middle of the document...

d., p. 1). I’m sitting here looking at all the presentations that we create and I think of all the time and energy it takes to find the information and graphics so that we can make our assessments. I enjoy working with graphs, charts, and creating demonstrations and presentations, either three dimensional or on the computer. I also enjoy compiling numbers and statistical information even though I’m not strong in math. You are doing active learning in your class when you ask a question, pose a problem, or issue some other type of challenge; tell your students to work individually or in small groups to come up with a response; give them some time to do it; stop them, and call on one or more individuals or groups to share their responses (Felder & Brent, 2009, p. 2). This is exactly what we do in scenarios at work and during training evolutions with the units and their personnel. You go through schools but you’re not really tested until you go out and conduct training evolutions or participate in a field exercise. I totally agree with all three inventory assessments and their findings about what kind of...

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